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It is a legal requirement that your dog wears a collar and an identification tag and it is now compulsory to have your dog microchipped as of the 16th April 2016!

It is another way of identifying your dog if it were to go missing. Microchipping your dog is a responsible thing to do as a pet owner. It involves the placement of a small chip, which is inserted under the skin at the back of the dogs neck. Each microchip has a unique number, which when scanned with a microchip scanner, it will link to the owners details.

Puppies can be microchipped once they have had their 1st vaccination at 6 weeks old and a 2nd vaccination 3-4 weeks after the 1st Vaccination. We use the vaccine brand Versican by Zoetis
We are able to microchip your puppy during a consultation with either a Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Nurse.

Microchipping in a consultation is £15.30, we are able to microchip your dog whilst under anaesthetic at the time of neutering for a reduced price of £12.00.

It is essential that you keep your dog's microchip details up to date and if you move house or change any contact details then please update them by contacting Petlog.

Please call Petlog on 08444 633999 or visit the website:

A few recent cases...

Gorgeous little Usain came in for his 1st vaccinations and got lots of cuddles from the nurses!

Duke the 6 year old English Springer Spaniel rupured his cruciate ligament.

Heres Duke enjoying some Physiotherapy from Catherine Watts!

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